All private and commercial vehicles are to visit any of the DVLA certified Private Vehicle Test Station (PVTS) for an inspection and Certification. Click Here For All DVLA licensed PVTS

At the home page of the DVLA website, Click on Individual or Corporate tab to register as individual or corporate institution;

- Login with your unique username and password
- Apply for a service
- Generate an invoice
- Proceed to your selected DVLA office

Look at the back of the license, you will find two rectangular boxes labelled; 1st Renewal and 2nd Renewal. The respective validations dates are indicated in boxes.

Take your driver’s license with you to the nearest DVLA office. You will be required to go through an eye test.

No. You must be 18yrs and above to qualify to apply for a driver’s license

Take your license and your birth certificate to the nearest DVLA for the error to be rectified.

Yes. Visit the nearest DVLA office with your married certificate.

No. DVLA has stopped replacing all manual type driver’s license. You will have to start as a learner applicant.

Every license holder is mandated by law to take an eye test before the license is validated.

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