Upgrade of License



  • A driver’s license holder may request to upgrade his/her license from a lower category to a higher category.
  • A driver’s license holder may also request for additional category. (E.g. a person with a riding category of license can request to add a category that permits him/her to drive.).




  • Applicant must be present.
  • All persons who wish to upgrade the category of drivers’ license must have held their current category for not less than two (2) years.



  • A valid driving license. Educational requirement – B.E.C.E or the ability to read, comprehend and write simple English language.


  • Verification of documentations and endorsement of applicant’s photographs are done in rooms 4, 5 & 6 of block “E”.
  • Pay to any of the cashiers in the banking hall of block “E” after the verification process and collect appropriate form(s) to complete.
  • Get appointment for written driving test and road signs test from room 7 in block “E”.
  • Successful applicants from the above tests are scheduled for in-traffic test the following day.
  • Payment for this test is done on the test date.
  • If you are successful from the in-traffic test, make payment for your driver’s license to any of the cashiers in the banking hall of block “E” and proceed to room 3 in the same block to sign the license register.
  • Temporal driver’s license is issued after the capture process.
  • Pick the full driver’s license from block “B” after 3 months.



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