News | Nov 16 2022


The leadership of the University Students Association of Ghana (USAG) has paid a courtesy call on Management of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).

The call was to enter into bilateral relations between the two bodies to ensure safety on the roads, as well as seek support from DVLA to help promote road safety campaign to save lives especially during the festive seasons.

The Chief Executive of DVLA, Mr. Kwasi Agyeman Busia, commended the Association for the initiative to help save lives and ensure discipline among road users and drivers.

He stated that DVLA has introduced some initiatives and reforms such as the tertiary drive service which afford students in tertiary institutions the opportunity to acquire a valid driver’s licence before they graduate which becomes an added advantage for them.

“We are pleased to have you with us and we are ready to offer our support in any way we can” he said.

The President of the Association, Dr. Christopher Anderson, said that on campus recently some students were involved in road crush which led to loss of life of one of the students and others severely injured.

The unfortunate incident he said, was a motivating factor by the leadership to come up with the Campaign on the theme: Positioning University Students for Nation Building” which will ensure that their voices on road safety will be heard hence the need to partner DVLA for a successful campaign.

“We are particularly excited that your strategic plan falls in line with USAGs expectation  therefore we will prioritise publicising DVLA’s transformation and initiatives. We also look forward to signing an MOU with DVLA for sustainability”. he added.

Highlighting on the reforms of the Authority, Deputy Director, Research Business Development and Innovation, Mr Abraham Zaato took the delegation through DVLA’s transformation agenda from an organisation which was perceived as one of the most corrupt public institutions in the country to be now known, one of the best Public Institutions in the country.

He also mentioned that, DVLA strategic pillars coupled with its People, Process and Technology among other initiatives have been the driving force to DVLA which has calumniated to the positive transformation by the Authority thereby changing the narrative coupled with the numerous awards that it continued to win.